Learning how to formulate thoughts, interact with others, and create healthy boundaries is one of the most challenging life learnings. It’s constant and just when you think you’ve figured it out, someone will blindside you with a completely unexpected reaction. This category is intended to help you have healthy and fulfilling relationships.

when others don't support our decisions

When Others Don’t Support Your Life Decisions

Making life decisions can be a daunting task, especially when we care about the people in our lives. It can be disheartening when those we love and trust don’t support the choices we make. Whether it is about our career, education, relationships, or lifestyle, not receiving support from those closest to us can cause a …

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stop. Boundaries. hand.

Setting Healthy Boundaries in Your Relationships

Boundaries are an essential component of healthy relationships. They serve as a way to define personal limits, clarify expectations, and establish a sense of safety and respect in our interactions with others. Without boundaries, we can’t really be upset about how others are treating us. Many people struggle with setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in …

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woman presenting, communication, speaking

3 Tips to Communicate Better

Given the fact we have all learned how to communicate differently (just look in any home and you’ll find the differences), have varying degrees of what certain words “really” mean, utilize volume, pitch, and tone in nuanced ways, and have various dialects and even languages, it’s actually amazing we are able to communicate at all. …

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