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10 Creative & Unique Valentine’s Gifts

Sure, you can’t go wrong with flowers and candy. But that doesn’t take a lot of thought, does it? If you want to show your partner how much they mean to you, why not put in a little more effort? Here are 10 tips to get you started. Disclaimer: The key requirement here is to choose something THEY would want.

1.Give an experience instead of a gift. Sure, dinner is nice yet it’s almost expected. I’m talking about something unusual, that you wouldn’t normally do. You can even make it a couple’s experience. Maybe go someplace the two of you have talked about but never taken the time to go. Some ideas include Go Carts, Indoor Trampoline Center, Horseback riding, visiting a quaint town close by, and staying at an Airbnb. You get the idea. Create a memory instead of a gift.

2. Find a unique gift. Find something custom-made on Etsy or at a local shop. There is nothing that says “I really care about you,” more than when you go out of your way to get something that is unique and special to the individual.

3. Create a coupon book. This is one of my favorite low/no-cost options. Custom design a coupon book full of experiences for the other person that they can cash in on throughout the year. The coupons can include everything from “An uninterrupted hour-long bath,” to “A half-day doing what I want with friends.”

4. Long Distance Touch Bracelets. These are the coolest things I’ve seen in a while and I’ve included two different kinds below. You both wear the bracelet and whenever you are thinking of the other, just touch the bracelet and the other person’s bracelet lights up. What a wonderful way to let someone know you are thinking of them without disrupting their day with a text they need to respond to.

Long Distance Touch Bracelets

Waterproof Long Distance Touch Bracelets

5. A Scavenger Hunt. Seriously, who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Make the day last by providing clues to guide them to new locations and gifts. The gifts can vary from low/no cost like a wonderful homemade treat or bubble bath to something fabulous that you know they’ll love.

6. Write a love letter. With email, IM, texting, etc. we’ve lost the art of writing a good love letter. Take the time to write a letter they’ll save forever. Tell them everything you love about them and why. Document what you remember about your first date and how you came to be a couple.

7. Write a Couples Bucket List Together. Spend the evening dining in with a bottle of wine and create a Couples Bucket List. Write down all the things you want to do together that will make your relationship stronger. Make a date to review the list of ideas together each month.

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8. Matching Plush Robes. There’s nothing that says “Let’s get naked tonight” more than beautiful matching plush robes.

9. Uninterrupted Day Together. Get a babysitter, turn off the phones and computers, and spend the entire day together. Start with a good cup of coffee, watch the sunrise, cook breakfast together, take a hike, talk about your past and future, and just reconnect.

10. Sex it up or Not. Valentine’s Day is all about sharing love and sometimes we mistakenly think the only way to do that is through sex. If that’s how your lover likes to feel loved then, hey, give it up or maybe even spice it up. Try spending 20 minutes just touching each other while naked without letting it progress. Or try a different location or position. The point here is to know what makes YOUR Valentine feel loved. Maybe they feel loved by time, or gifts, or surprises, or a seductive look, or admiration. Just remember, gift giving is about the recipient of the gift.

Read this book: 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman

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