4 Tips to Improve The Relationship With Your Boss

If you’ve ever wanted to have a better relationship with your boss, wondered how to get a raise, or wanted to ensure your continued employment – it would be beneficial to ensure you have a great relationship with your boss. Even the most difficult bosses appreciate the employee that makes their life just a little bit easier.

There are those people that do the bare minimum at work. And there are those people that always feel entitled to more. And then there are those people who appreciate whatever life throws their way and continue to do the best job possible. While there is no doubt that some employers will take advantage or certain employees, I’ve found generally, bosses want to provide the best environment possible for their people. Whether you are struggling with a new boss or just seem to have a conflict with the boss you have, here are four tips to help you build your relationship with your supervisor.

1. Be Someone They Can Count On

I know you may wonder what your boss does all day because after all, you (and everyone else) are doing all the work. Bosses focus their energy on the administrative tasks of the business. Depending on the business, that can be a lot more complicated that it looks. They spend their entire day following up on tasks, getting information from people, and solving problems.

If you want to build your relationship with your boss, be someone they can count on. Ask them what you can do to help them, and then do it. Show up to meetings on time. Respond to emails in a timely manner. Give them a heads up on potential problems. Be a problem solver instead of a problem creator. When they ask for something, deliver it. Better yet, deliver it before the due date.

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This isn’t about bringing them coffee in the morning. It’s about being an employee they can count on to do what they say they will do, be where they say they will be, and complete the tasks and assignments provided.

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2. Solve Problems Without Being Asked

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, supervisors are required to problem solve all day. Instead of bringing your problem, bring your problem with a recommended solution. Depending on the problem, you might even just solve it and then let them know you had a problem with a solution.

There is nothing more frustrating to a boss than an employee unwilling to think or who gives up too easily. If it takes them 8 emails to get you to resolve a problem, that’s not helpful. Take some initiative and find a solution.

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3. Be Someone Others Want to Be Around

Not only should be you someone others want to be around, be someone your boss wants to be around. If they run every time they see you headed their way, that’s not a good sign. Quit complaining, gossiping, and sucking up and be someone people are glad to see in the work environment each day.

Greet others in a positive manner. Don’t be that person others avoid or hide from because of your negativity, constant disruptions (so they can’t get their work done), or need to have your ego stroked. Come to work, be pleasant to work around, get your work done, and go live your life.

4. Get to Know Them

It’s very true that it can be lonely at the top. The only way a boss can be a boss is to set themselves apart from the employees they lead. It’s difficult to address the performance of John if he was at your house drinking over the weekend. Many bosses are promoted from within so people who they once hung out with and commiserated with about work are all of a sudden off limits. They are now expected to behave a certain way and represent the organization in a positive light. This can be very lonely because they are, after all, just a human being having struggles and joys just like everyone else.

You can build your relationship with your boss by taking the time to ask them about their life, getting to know them, and treating them like a human instead of just a boss. We all have roles we need to play – ranging from mother, father, daughter, brother to employee, insert job title here, and boss. By showing an interest in your boss as a human, you will build your relationship, and believe me, they will appreciate it.


The bottom line is your relationship with your boss is important. They are responsible for your future career growth and your salary. Why wouldn’t you want to build that relationship? Some bosses can be really difficult and it’s both challenging and frustrating to work for these people. However, if you follow these four tips, even the most difficult boss can’t deny your contributions. And if you are struggling with a specific issue, leave a comment below, and let’s figure it out!

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