Review: Everything is Figure Outable by Marie Forleo

I had this book sitting in my Kindle library for months. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. I’ve watched a lot of MarieTV over the years and really enjoyed her interviews and style. Yet, I wasn’t sure this book was going to have anything new for me. Evidently, I was in my “I know it all and can’t learn anything new” stage. I know, arrogant much? I’m happy to report I got over myself and read the book. It changed my life.

I’ve been reading these types of books (mindset, overcoming obstacles, positive psychology) for years. Actually, I think it’s more like decades. I’m obviously a fan of the approach. But some books are, quite honestly, just a regurgitation of other books. I was worried that would be the case with this book.

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A friend I hadn’t talked to in over 10 years called to reconnect. Her personal coach encouraged her to connect with like-minded people that were continually growing. I’m not sure why we lost touch but fortunately, I was on her list. Someone should just unpack that event but hey, let’s save that for another day as I’m reviewing this book right now.

Book Club Approach

My newly reacquainted friend and I decided it would be fun to read a book together. I found this one on my Kindle, she thought it sounded interesting, so, we embarked on this joint journey.

I gotta say, I was surprised at how much I liked it. Marie Forleo’s “voice” is approachable and authentic while also being vulnerable about her personal journey. This is not a book about “look at me and all that I’ve accomplished.” It’s a book about “Let’s take a look at your life together. And let me remind you of how f*%^ing amazingly capable you are.”

It’s like having coffee with a friend – a really encouraging and amazing friend that calls you out on your shit. And most importantly, she ends each chapter with action steps and ways for you to implement what was learned immediately.

We set up our book club to read two chapters a week which was perfect. Too many people purchase books like this and read the entire thing in a day. While that may be exciting, it doesn’t allow the opportunity to mull over each chapter and implement what was learned. We met via phone weekly and what action steps we would take based on what was read. We also discussed what we highlighted in each chapter – what really meant something to us and why. By discussing the concepts provided, we further cemented the learning and could hold each other accountable for decisions and actions.

How It Changed My Life

By completing the weekly exercises I came to the realization that I’d been hiding behind my professional career. I realized I’d been allowing my past to stop me from what I knew I should be doing. For at least 20 years, my heart’s desire was to help others live the lives they are meant to live. Although I quit my corporate job two years ago, I started a business that was basically an extension of my corporate job. Needless to say, my heart wasn’t in it. It just felt safe because that’s what I’d been doing for the past 25 years. Yet, I knew this wasn’t why I was on Earth. I knew my purpose but was afraid to pursue it – it just seemed so “fluffy.” I mean, who am I to help other people be successful? And how am I going to do that?

This book helped me to see how I’d been hiding behind my corporate expertise. It gave me the confidence and clarity to pursue what I feel I was put on earth to do. So, I quit freelancing and started over . . . with this blog.

Am I still a little worried some people will see me as “flaky” for shifting gears? Sure. But I think I’d rather be flaky than regretful.

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And am I still worried it won’t work? Absolutely! At least I won’t wonder what would have happened IF I had taken a chance on myself.


Marie Forleo has really done an amazing job with this book! It’s an easy read. The stories are impactful, inspiring, and entertaining. She has packaged it in a way that forces the reader to truly think about and apply the principles provided. I love that she can laugh at herself and the mistakes she has made along the way. It makes her so relatable!

It didn’t feel at all like a regurgitation of other books. Yes, there were concepts provided I had heard before (and maybe even taught others). The difference is she presented them in a way that was uniquely hers. She basically reiterated in her delivery the overarching theme of all of her videos –

You have a unique gift the world needs. You have a unique way to deliver a message (or product or skill) that only you can provide to the world. And they (those that need your gift) are waiting for you.

I love how special she makes each and every human being feel. More importantly, she’s created something that requires action and I adore action! It’s well worth the read (and you can purchase it by clicking on the link below)!

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